Ain Shams’ Team Participates in Shell Eco-Marathon

Under the auspices of Ain Shams University’s president Abdel Wehab Ezzat and the head of the automotive engineering department, the Faculty of Engineering’s team is currently participating in the Shell Eco-Marathon that is taking place in Malaysia. The team is taking part in two competitions: urban and prototype.

The urban electric concept is dedicated to electric cars. It focuses on using electricity with maximum efficiency in addition to the driver’s commodity. On the other side, the prototype serves the usage of the minimum amount of fuel with maximum efficiency.

About the Marathon:

Worth noting is that the Marathon is an international unique program dedicated to students of sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics, to design and construct cars utilizing energy professionally.
Thousands of students from all over the world work in teams divided according to their universities. Through advanced technology, critical thinking, and innovative ideas, they show their theories focusing on how to use energy in a professional way at the testing.

About the Egyptian Team
Ain Shams University’s team called ASU Racing Team is a students’ organization started by some students of the Engineering Faculty in 2012 as a graduation project. Over the years, the team now comprises more than 400n students, whose aim is to develop the automotive industry in Egypt, through participating in international contests. This year, the team took part in around seven competitions.
Contributed by Maydaa Abo El-Nadar

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