After Visiting New Capital’s Mosque, Church, Pompeo Admits: Egypt Land of Peace

By Nawal Sayed

CAIRO, Jan. 11 (SEE) – US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo paid a two-day visit to Cairo where he met with President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry and Director of General Intelligence Service Abbas Kamel.

Moreover, he delivered a historic speech at the AUC, New Cairo campus, met with personnel of US Embassy in Cairo and visited the newly-opened mosque and church at the New Administrative Capital.

“It’s incredibly important that President Sisi has permitted these kinds of freedoms, and it’s amazing to be in this mosque and know that here in Cairo, in the heart of Cairo, in the heart of the Middle East, these kinds of opportunities for religious freedom are available. So thank you all. I hope you all got a chance to see it as well,” Pompeo said during touring Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque.

He added: “It is truly a testament to the Egyptian people, the capacity to exercise their faith and their freedoms here in these houses of worships, these big, gorgeous, beautiful buildings where the Lord is clearly at work.”

The Secretary stressed that President Sisi clearly made a point by putting this – this largest cathedral in the Middle East – here in this place. “It’s very special; it’s very warm. It’s a beautiful place, and you can see that the Lord is at work here, here in Egypt. So it’s a great chance to see it. It’s a great symbol of hope, I think, to Cairo, to Egypt, and all of the Middle East.”

Great to be here. It’s great to be touring this brand new facility. It’s absolutely spectacularly beautiful,” Pompeo added.

“The Lord is clearly at work here, and it is a very special thing to have this in the heart of the Middle East, this enormous cathedral where people can come worship in Egypt. I think it’s a symbol for the whole world about religious freedom and the opportunities there ought to be for every citizen to practice and worship in their own way.”

SECRETARY POMPEO described Egypt as a land of peace.”

“It’s a land of religious freedom and opportunity. It’s remarkable to see this in this special place, all built within two years, a stunning testament to the Lord’s hand,” he noted.

As for the US-Egypt relations, Pompeo stressed there is a fantastic strategic relationship between the two countries. “They’re an important partner of the United States in every element – in our economic prosperity between the two countries, the security of our two nations.” “President Trump and President Sisi have worked closely together for President Trump’s time in office. They are a very special country, a very special relationship with the United States,” he stressed

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