Addicts’ Calls Rise to 400% Due to Salah – Official

The number of calls by addicts for treatment raised 400% just because of Mohamed Salah who appeared in anti-drug media campaign, according to an Egyptian official.

As part of a national media campaign against drug abuse, the Egyptian football player partook in the fifth advertisement of “You’re Stronger than Drugs” campaign, launched by Fund for Drug Control and Treatment of Addiction (FDCTA).

About The Ad

The campaign aims to counter drug addiction and raise awareness of the dangers of addiction. The ad, which was kicked of early this Ramadan, was under a slogan “life is better without smoking.”

Salah has become a role model for youth in Egypt. For them, the Egyptian icon is more than a talented footballer. He is a symbol of hard work, giving hope to a generation that is struggling to succeed.

The ad shows a person from the back, similar to Salah, playing the ball before he sits down and starts smoking a cigarette. Then Salah sends a message to those who are smoking.

“You thought it was me. You were worried about me. Do not you feel worried about yourself? Life is better without smoking,” Liverpool’s star says in the ad.

What did Mohamed Salah add to “You’re Stronger than Drugs” campaign?

In an interview, Ghada Wali, Minister of Social Solidarity in Egypt explained the great positive influence of Liverpool’s football player on the national campaign against drug abuse.

“There is no doubt Salah is a hero and a partner in the success of the campaign. Besides, he is a source of happiness for the Egyptians,” Wali said.

The minister added, “Salah interacted closely with the campaign as he is well aware of the impact of this issue on the Egyptians, especially youth.”

It is worth mentioning that Liverpool’s superstar contributed to the campaign’s ads since it was launched in 2015.

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