ACU Organizes Second Forum for Mass Comm. Graduates

By: Menna Seliem

CAIRO, April 6 (SEE)- Ahram Canadian University Faculty organized today the second forum for Mass Communication graduates. The forum came in conjunction after the graduation of the first batch 10 years ago.

The forum was sponsored by the university president Farouk Ismail, faculty of Mass Communication Inas Abu-Yousuf, the academic manager of quality department Amal Al-Sayed and the coordinator of Alumni Committee Magda Bagnied.

The day witnessed many sport and entertainment activities such as football, basketball, and chess competitions. The first and the second winner lifted cups, medals, and certificates.

Ismail confirmed that the faculty has a great role in the field, as its graduates are in every media organization.

According to Bagnied, the forum is organized annually to make graduates interact with the student in the college.

On the other hand, Abu-Yousuf said, “This forum is a chance to gather all batches again comprising of students or graduates.”

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