4 BUE professors Get 10 million EGP from ASRT to “Re-energize” Egypt

By: Mai Shaheen

With a 10 million EGP fund from the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, BUE is leading RENERGY EGYPT Knowledge and Technology Alliance. The project included 13 organizations for industrialization of renewable energy in Egypt.

“The RENERGY EGYPT KTA” targets both on-grid and off –grid projects, and creates industrial capacity for local manufacturing of new plants”.

Prof. Yehia Bahi- El-Din, Dr. Amr Abdel-Kader, Dr. Mostafa El-Shazly, Dr. Ahmed Salah, from centre for Advanced Material all said expressed determination to implement this project in their research proposals.
According to the University’s 2018 research department, the RENERGY EGYPT KTA’s goal is to create manufacturing capabilities in renewable energy sector, while focusing on wind and solar energy, and supported by qualified human capacity and incentive for startup enterprise.

The “RENERGY EGYPT KTA” is expected to achieve this goal through restoration of disabled wind farms by manufacturing major components and spare parts, which cannot be procured for the vastly imported wind farms. This includes wind turbine blades and actuation systems and PV inverters. The economic benefits include restoring energy production fairly, quickly and reliably; creating new jobs, saving enormous funds in foreign currency for the imported wind turbines or spare parts.

The second goal is improving the efficiency of wind and solar energy projects by altering their design for larger energy conservation and to adapt to the local environment. This includes filters for PV panels and modified wind turbine blade designs. Maximizing the power output from existing RE sources serves the target of sustainable economy.

The last goal is offering off –grid power solution. In particular, it will focus on producing efficient and affordable, stand-alone wind turbines and demonstrate their utilization in water desalination. This partially supports the national plans for providing energy and enhancing economic growth without the burden of expanding the national grid and the enormous time and money it requires.

In another context, the alliance consists of 4 universities: BUE, Cairo University, Assiut University and Fayoum University, 3 research centers: Central Metallurgical Research and Development Institute, National Research Centre, Desert Research Center, 4 organizations from the industrial sector: Arab Renewable Energy Co., Egypt Fiber, Electronics Factory, Technology, Engineering & Industry Company, 1 local authority: New and Renewable Energy Authority and 1 non-governmental organization: SEKEM Foundation.

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