22nd Edition of National Egyptian Cinema Festival Concludes

By Nour Al Hoda Fouad

CAIRO, Nov. 21 (SEE) – The Cultural Development Fund celebrated on Monday the conclusion of the 22nd edition of the National Egyptian Cinema Festival, held at the Cairo Opera House, announcing its awards for the winning film.

Amr Saad, who was the star of Mawlana movie, won the award for the best actor, expressing his pleasure for winning such anF award. He said that the award is well-recognized because it is given from the state, not like the private festivals.

Saad donated the value of the award to the families of victims of Minya terror attack.

The film also was awarded for the best scenario and the best story in addition to the best production.

While, Al Asleyeen film won five awards for the best film editing, the best photography, the best music by Hesham Nazih, and the best director for Marwan Hamed.

Photocopy movie also received awards for its stars; Shereen Reda and Ahmed Dash.

The Treasure: Truth and Imagination “El Kenz” won awards for the best clothes and best film design.

Young actress Heba Ali won the award for the best actress for her role in Withered Green “Akhdar Yabes” movie.

Hussein Fahmy and Nadia El Gendy were also honored for their long-term cinematic roles.

In the meantime, Samir Seif, the director of the festival, said that the financial deficit of the festival didn’t affect honoring the stars, adding that the festival films were shown in various cities nationwide.


Translator: Hassan El-Khawaga


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