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Fans Harshly Criticize WWE Survivor Series Rock's Egg segment & Results on Twitter

Mon 22 Nov 2021 | 05:36 PM
Rana Atef

A few hours ago, WWE Survivor Series concluded its events and declared the ending of WWE PPV shows for 2021. Although, the match card of the main event carried interesting competitions such as Roman Reigns vs. Big E, RK Bro vs. The Usos, and Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair. The event also marked the 25th anniversary of the first WWE debut for the legendary The Rock.

However, pro wrestling fans were left disappointed, and angry after the show.

Stolen EGG? False Rock Comeback's Teasers

This was the major reason for the fan's disappointment. During the show, the creative man behind the glorious company, Vince McMahon, appeared at the venue of the show carrying a $ 100-million golden egg that referred to The Rock's new feature "Red Notice."

After that, there was a short meeting between the Tribal Chief, and the Head of the Table Roman Reigns with McMahon talking about the Rock film's egg which teased a real conflict between the legendary cousins. In addition, there were a lot of signs for the Rock's comeback such as the continued promos during the shows, and the ads.

Dozens of Survivor Series followers here in the Middle East were hosted in a small Twitter space discussion about the show, organzied by two popular Saudi twitterers: Mixo and Abdullah Taker. The discussions touched upon several issues related to the anticipated Rock-Reigns segment.

The appearance of Rock was already discussed a few weeks ago by famous Saudi pro wrestling twitterer MHD HBK after Reigns, and Rock exchanged statements about the possibility of setting one final ring dance for The Rock before hanging his boots officially.

Later on, McMahon appeared in his office with WWE officials Sonya Deville, and Adam Pearce. Then, the company's CEO discovered that the precious egg was stolen, called the officials to bring all Raw, and SmackDown roasters to tonight Monday Night Raw's episode for finding the thief.

At the end of the show, fans passionately waited for The Rock's comeback, especially, during the main event that witnessed the participation of the Hollywood star's cousin, and the current WWE Universal Champion Reigns, against WWE Champion Big E.

Unfortunately, fans who waited the whole night for the Hollywood star's return were left disappointed, and angry, so, they took Twitter to reflect their rage, not only about the waiting for the surprise but also for the poor-scripted scenes for some of the WWE's last 2021 PPV show.

Therefore, thousands of fans tweeted and retweeted a false AEW Debute formate for the egg as a reference to AEW Full Gear's rankings and positive reviews that stormed social media ten days ago. In addition, they mentioned that AEW was true with its fans by announcing CM Punk's Elite debut, unlike WWE false promos.

The heat of the stolen egg got more rising action mood by former WWE superstar, and current Impact Wrestling (TNA) Matt Cordona's, a.ka. Zack Ryder, tweet mocking the segment by declaring: "I stole the egg."

Silly 25-Man Battle Royal for Honoring The Rock

In the last Friday Night SmackDown episode before Survivor Series, WWE official Deville announced the presence of a 25-man Battle Royal match as a tribute to The Rock.

The majority of Raw, and SmackDown's stars that were not listed in the main event's card match appeared inside the ring of the battle royal contest. However, fans really rejected the presence of former world champion, the Phenomenal, AJ Styles in such a match consisting of middle-carder stars, calling him to move to the AEW.

Despite the light, and enjoyable scenes spotted for some WWE superstars inside the ring, the match was criticized for the prize WWE has set for the contest.

It was known that the prize of those kinds of matches could be a trophy or a statue for the honored icon, but, fans were surprised that the prize was actually some pizza boxes! and after the victory of Omos in the match, some superstars stole the pizza boxes and fled away!

Insane Survivor Series Traditional Elimination Matches: Hardy Deserved to Win, Bianca was over Heroized

The traditional Survivor Series Raw vs. SmackDown for men and women also were the main topics of hot discussions, due to the presence of the finest WWE Superstars in both teams.

Raw men's team had the Freaking and the one who is really improving with his heel stand Seth Rollins, the Prince Finn Balor, Kevin Owens who turned his face to heel two weeks ago, the All-Mighty Bobby Lashley, and the rising talent Austin Theory.

It was expected that the team of Raw will be defeated due to the presence of several feuds among the members, for example, Rollins, and Owens are striving over a WWE championship match against Big E, later on, the matters were more heated by involving Balor in a match against Owens.

In the same context, fans expected the appearance of the Mysterios after they were kicked out from the team and replaced with Lashley and Theory who is known for his humiliating selfies. One selfie by Theory was liked and praised by the fans during the show which is the one with Rollins, as Rollins acts the role of the freak, and mad person!

On the other hand, SmackDown men's team carried the Scottish Warrior Drew McIntyre who is playing the role of the face, and the team's captain, the Charismatic Enigma Jeff Hardy who trended the social media worldwide for the past two days, the Celtic Warrior Sheamus, 2021 King of the Ring Xavier Woods, and Happy Corbin.

Fans discussed the balance of power between two teams, and it appeared that Raw's one is better and stronger than SmackDown's team.

Only a few names were suggested as the sole survivor. They were Rollins, Owens, and McIntyre. On the other hand, some names were expected to be the early eliminated such as Corbin, Theory, and Hardy!

Despite the high expectation of the involvement of other superstars, the match went smoothly.

However, the way some names were eliminated by crashed the hopes of the audience, for example, Lashley, and McIntyre were eliminated by count-out, and Owens eliminated himself by leaving his team.

The final two sole survivors of both teams were Rollins and Hardy who amazed pro wrestling fans with his breathtaking performance, and outstanding appearance.

Hardy teamed up with his mate Sheamus before he was eliminated, and did some of his nostalgic moves such as the Whisper in the Wind, Swanton Bomb, and one of old Hardy Boyz moves that used to be executed by him, and his brother Matt Hardy.

At first, people got Sheamus' confusion while Hardy stands near the corner, calling him for help! Next, Sheamus made a sign by his hand which means that he should lay down for Hardy to jump on his back for balancing himself and to hit the two who were stuck in the opposite corner.

Moving to the match's final scene, when Rollins pinned Hardy, fans took social media praising the Charismatic Enigma, expressing their wishes of seeing him victorious as he deserved it more than Rollins. Hardy trended Twitter worldwide during the show, and a few hours after it.

Moving to the Women pision's contests, Raw team consisted of EST Mania Bianca Blair, the Most Beautiful Woman in the WWE Carmilla, Queen Zelina, half of the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Rhea Ripley, and Liv Morgen.

On the other hand, SmackDown team had the Boss Sasha Banks, Natalya, Shotzi, Shyna Bezlar, and Toni Storm.

The match was the final contest before the long-awaited main event, however, the performance and the events of the match were not admired by the audience, especially, when SmackDown team blocked Banks to return to the ring before the end of the count down to be eliminated.

Before the match ends, all Raw team members were eliminated except Blair, who took down the rest of SmackDown team members alone.

Thousands of fans commented on this scene negatively as they feel that WWE is over-heroizing Blair amid her strive with Doudrop and Lynch.

Best Match Is Underrated!

Thousands of fans voted for RK Bro vs The Usos as the best match of the night on several leading Pro wrestling platforms, and accounts, but, fans were really down to see the match isn't included in the official WWE voting.

The show witnessed declaring the Viper Randy Orton's new record as the most WWE Superstar who participated in WWE PPV shows all the time by 177 appearances.

Shocking Kick off

The kick-off show carried only one match between the Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura (SmackDown) vs the US Champion Damian Priest (Raw). Although this match was the last addition to the Survivor Series match so there is no link or segment connected both champions except their involvement in the champion vs champion's tradition.

Fans expected to see active, and dynamic performance between both lightweight athletes and a victory for Priest as he received several pushes recently, however, the match ended in DQ for Nakamura!

Priest attacked the IC champion with a piece of a broken guitar, declaring the shift of the US champion to heel!

So, Good Shots?

After listing what left the fans so disappointed, good shots that made them happy or joyful should be mentioned. The fans praised highly the opening contest between Raw Women's Champion Lynch, and SmackDown Women's Champion Flair.

The match witnessed an unbelievable amount of enjoyment and excitement as the feud between both athletes is real, and it touched a lot of their personal lives' matters. In addition, the fight between them reached nearly its climax by exchanging insults on Twitter, and in media.

Another amusing shot, as it was previously mentioned, Hardy's shining performances through the whole night.

Moreover, RK Bro victory over The Usos, and fans celebrating Orton's new record were one of the most amusing moments through the show.

Finally, the Reigns vs Big E match went smoothly without any interference, or involvement of any member of The Usos, or the New Day.

Furthermore, WWE Champion Big E introduced a wonderful performance which proved that he is improving, on the other hand, Reigns gave the fans a highly-anticipated clean win.

Aside from the matches, WWE Universe and the audience presented several funny moments, for example, audience cameras shot two persons dressed like Reigns and his councilor Paul Heyman.

In the same context, one of the audience showed a sign to express that he is missing Triple H!

Also, some fans in the arena chanted calling for WWE's current harsh competitor AEW during the Kick-off show.

Finally, the mood of exchanging jokes reached the two that air the weekly episodes of WWE Raw, and SmackDown.

Raw is streamed on USA Network, while SmackDown is aired on Fox.

During the show, the teams of Raw overcame their SmackDown competitors as the final result was: five victories for Raw, and only two for SmackDown, that's why Fox commented on SmackDown's defeat after the show.

Match Rankings

Moving to rank list for all WWE Survivor Series matches:

Nakamura vs Priest: 2.75/5

Flair vs Lynch: 4/5

Traditional Elimational 5-5 Match (Men): 4.5/5

25-Man Battle Royal: 2.5/5

The Usos vs RK Bro: 4.75/5

Traditional Elimational 5-5 Match (Women): 2.75/5

Roman Reigns vs Big E: 4/5

It is worthy to mention that the upcoming WWE PPV will be on January 1st, 2022, and it will be held under the theme of "Day 1."