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World News Hits on Sunday

Sun 26 Jul 2020 | 10:59 AM
Ahmad El-Assasy

SEENews reviews the most dominating headlines of the daily world news on Sunday.

'Everyone is panicking' over quarantine, says UK tourist in Spain

British tourists flying home on Sunday after a holiday in Spain angrily reacted to an abrupt decision by their government to make everyone arriving from the Mediterranean country spend 14 days in quarantine. (Reuters)

Istanbul Convention: Poland to leave European treaty on violence against women

Poland is to withdraw from a European treaty aimed at preventing violence against women, the country's justice minister announced on Saturday. (BBC)

Trump is calling protesters who disagree with him terrorists. That puts him in the company of the world's autocrats

Heavily armed, unidentifiable security agents dressed in camouflage have been snatching anti-racism protesters off the streets of Portland, Oregon, and bundling them into unmarked cars, with no clear justification. They're scenes you might expect to see in authoritarian countries, not in America. (CNN News)

Nantes cathedral blaze: Volunteer charged after admitting setting up fire

A church volunteer admitted being behind a fire that severely damaged Nantes' St. Peter's and St. Paul's Cathedral on July 18 and was charged with arson. (Euronews)

Kim Jong-un declares emergency & puts Kaesong city on total lockdown after 1st suspected Covid-19 case in North Korea

The city of Kaesong has been placed on lockdown after a person with symptoms of coronavirus “illegally” crossed the border, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un announced at an emergency anti-epidemic meeting. (Russia Today)

Biden campaign ramps up for 100-day push

Buoyed by strong fundraising and growing advantages in state and national polls, Joe Biden’s campaign is accelerating its staffing and television spending as the campaign turns toward the 100-day mark before Election Day, according to a new internal campaign memo obtained by NBC News. (NBC)

Evo Morales Spots 'Another Proof' of Bolivian Coup's Lithium Angle in Elon Musk's Tweet

While Musk's tweet elicited a largely negative response from netizens, some expressed hope that the SpaceX founder was merely being sarcastic. (Sputnik)

Hanna makes landfall in Texas; Douglas prompts hurricane warning for Oahu

Hanna, the first hurricane of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season, came ashore Saturday afternoon in south Texas as a Category 1 storm, packing 90 mph winds and threats of dangerous storm surge. (USA Today)

As virus hit Florida, its governor sidelined scientists to follow Trump

The state’s crisis, experts and officials say, has revealed the shortcomings of a response built on shifting metrics, influenced by a few advisers and tethered to the Trump administration. (The Washington Post)

Officials push U.S.-China relations toward point of no return

Top aides to President Trump want to leave a lasting legacy of ruptured ties between the two powers. China’s aggression has been helping their cause. (The New York Times)