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Worker at British Embassy in Berlin Detained of Spying for Russia

Tue 17 Aug 2021 | 02:31 PM
Ahmad El-Assasy

German authorities have announced the arrest of a British embassy staffer in Berlin on suspicion of spying for Russia.

Following a combined investigation by British and German officials, the man, a 57-year-old British national named only as David S, was apprehended on Tuesday.

The German Federal Prosecutor's Office said in a statement that he is accused of selling documents gathered during his time at the embassy to a Russian intelligence service representative.

Later on Wednesday, he will appear before an investigating judge at the Federal Court of Justice.

“The guy was arrested in the Berlin region on suspicion of committing charges linked to being engaged in ‘intelligence agent activity,'” the Metropolitan Police said in a statement (under German law).

“The probe remains in the hands of German authorities. As the inquiry proceeds, officers from the Counter Terrorism Command continue to communicate with their German counterparts.”

The Metropolitan Police Service's Counter Terrorism Command is in charge of looking into alleged breaches of the Official Secrets Act.

The suspect, who worked as a local staffer at the embassy, was apprehended in the German town of Potsdam, according to the prosecutors' statement.

Following that, police conducted searches at his home and business.

Since November of last year, he has been accused of working for a foreign intelligence service.

“He transferred documents obtained in the course of his professional operations to a representative of a Russian intelligence service on at least one occasion,” according to the statement.

“In exchange for supplying information, the accused was given cash in an amount that was previously unknown.”

“An inpidual who was hired to work for the Government was arrested yesterday by German authorities,” a UK Government spokesman said in a statement.