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"Wonder Woman 1984" to Hit Cinemas, Streaming on Christmas

Thu 19 Nov 2020 | 03:57 PM
Yara Sameh

Warner Bros studio announced Wednesday that “Wonder Woman 1984”, will hit the cinemas outside the United States, starting December 16.

“Wonder Woman 1984”, starring Gal Gadot, will also stream on HBO Max that day.

Wonder Woman 1984 will be released on HBO Max the same day it's in theaters - The Verge

The film's director, Patty Jenkins, who had pushed for a theatrical release, supported the plan.

“The time has come. At some point, you have to choose to share any love and joy you have to give, over everything else. We love our movie as we love our fans, so we truly hope that our film brings a little bit of joy and reprieve to all of you this holiday season," Jenkins tweeted on Twitter.

"Watch it IN THEATERS, where it is made safe to do so (check out the great work theaters have done to make it so!) And available in the safety of your home on HBOMAX where it is not. Happy holidays to all of you. We hope you enjoy our film as much as we enjoyed making it,” she added.

When Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins get together it's a lovefest — but they've earned it - Los Angeles Times

The film reunites Jenkins with Gadot and is a follow-up to the 2017 blockbuster that earned $821.8 million at the worldwide global box office.

The film marks the last big-budget action film on the 2020 schedule. “Wonder Woman 1984” release date was altered several times due to the coronavirus pandemic. It was originally scheduled to hit the cinemas in June 2020.