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Wimpy Burger restaurant coming back to Egypt

Sat 08 May 2021 | 12:12 AM
Ahmed Emam

Get ready to order your favorite Umami burger sandwich and your classic quarter pounder because American Wimpy restaurant is coming back to Egypt. The new restaurant is on the verge of opening in Cairo.

In this regard, stunning plans for the sit-down fast-food restaurant to return to Cairo have been given the go-ahead after designs were laid bare this month.

Some sources have indicated that the new restaurant follows in the footsteps of the Wimpy which used to stand in the town back in the 1980s.

Furthermore, the restaurant will serve burgers, wings, tacos, hot dogs, breakfast, and more fast-food meals.

Notably, Wimpy is well known for its burger choices and its menu includes beef and chicken burgers as well as a range of veggie options.

Also, the list of Wimpy features 'fish plates' and breakfast options, as well as a kid's menu.

There was also a Wimpy restaurant in Elmohandsein near the hero Ahmed Abdel Aziz street, where the remains of the old restaurant now stand.

It was one of the hundreds of Wimpy locations across Egypt during the chain's commercial peak.

In the same context, favorite memories of Wimpy shared by Millennials and the 80s & 90s generations

Responding to this news, the Egyptians took to social media platforms to share the favorite memories of Wimpy and their own experiences of takeaways and visiting the franchises of  Wimpy.  

One wrote: "No, this isn't a joke — Wimpy is still around and could be on its way to ElMohandsein"

Another reply: "This is the best news ever.... Hoping it’s proper sit-down plates and cutlery in the restaurant...."

Wimpy chains were also gaining popularity among Egyptians around that time, and drive-in restaurants were popular in the 1970s. Egyptians could get ketchup, mustard, and mayo at the counter, and ask for grilled or raw onions in their burger.

The 1980s saw the introduction of several burgers restaurants, although the Hardee's didn’t make an appearance until 1981 in Cairo. Of course, McDonald’s, founded in 1955, needs no further explanation.

Limited details are known at the moment, but it seems the sit-down eatery could be going in between the Old site of Elmohandsein and the Heliopolis district.

It's worth mentioning that Wimpy is the brand name of a multinational chain of former fast-food restaurants that have been gradually upgrading units to become casual dining style diners with table service since a change of ownership that occurred in 2007.

Nowadays, the renowned brand is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa.

According to food historians,  the first chain began in 1934 in the United States and was based in Chicago. The brand was introduced to the Uk in 1954 as "Wimpy Bar".