Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Widespread Sarcasm after Safaa Al-Hashem's Loss in Kuwaiti Par'l Elections

Sun 06 Dec 2020 | 03:32 PM

On Sunday, controversial Kuwaiti MP Safaa Al-Hashem, who is known for her racism and hatred of expatriates in general, and Egyptians in particular, received a crushing defeat in the parliamentary race, according to the official results of the Kuwaiti Parliament .

The loss of Safaa al-Hashem has sparked a widespread wave of sarcasm on social media among Egyptian and Kuwaiti peoples over her previous controversial statements about immigrants living in Kuwait, as she had demanded that expatriates not be granted licenses to drive cars, calling for taxes to imposed on their walking on roads.

Al-Hashem has a long history of racism against immigrants and incitement against them during her tenure in the Kuwaiti National Assembly, at the time when the ruling al-Sabah family affirms that expatriates are an integral part of Kuwait due to their continuous contributions to the country’s renaissance.

Notably, all 28 female candidates lost in the Kuwaiti elections, held yesterday, Saturday, which means that the Kuwaiti National Assembly will include no female members for the coming four-years.

About 326 candidates, including 29 women, ran in the election race, as the Kuwaiti National Assembly comprised fifty members, pided into five electoral districts.

Kuwaiti media pointed out that the rate of change in the new parliament reached 62%, while the turnout in the elections reached 60%.

The absence of female MPs from the coming parliament constituted a significant landmark in these elections, as Al-Hashem lost the elections, after having succeeded in three previous rounds.

Here are some tweets commenting on Al-Hashem's defeat in the elections: