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WHO: Coronavirus Re-spreads in Central, Eastern Europe

Thu 04 Mar 2021 | 03:48 PM
Ahmed Moamar

The head of the Regional Office of the World Health Organization (WHO) for Europe, Hans Kluge, said that Central and Eastern Europe is witnessing a resurgence of Coronavirus cases and a rise in new infections in many western European countries.

The organization warns of the devastative consequences of the resurgence of   COVID-19 virus in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as an increase in new infections in many western European countries," Hans Kluge told reporters.

He added that the constant pressure on hospitals and medical staff are should be matched by acts of solidarity and medical cooperation between our European neighbors. However, after more than a year has passed since the outbreak of the pandemic, our health systems should not be in this situation.

On the other hand,   Soumya Swaminathan, the chief scientist at the World Health Organization, announced that less than 10% of the world's population have developed antibodies to the Coronavirus (also known as COVID-19), and that vaccination is the only way to achieve herd immunity.

In an interview broadcast by the organization on "Twitter", Swaminathan stated that the World Health Organization is following studies analyzing foci of infection in some cities around the world, pointing out that although the research results sometimes show that at least half of the city’s population has antibodies.

For Coronavirus, this does not allow us to talk about achieving herd immunity.

She said in this regard: "The WHO   is following these epidemiological studies, at the last census, there were about 500 of them.

If we look at them together, it becomes clear that less than 10% of the world's population have antibodies to this virus."

It also showed that "foci of the infection were undoubtedly found in places such as densely populated urban areas, in which between 50 to 60% of the population was exposed to the impact of the  deadly virus and had antibodies, however, this does not mean that an entire city, province, state or country achieved herd immunity."