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Washington Shooting: 3 People Killed; Suspect Dead

Wed 25 Jan 2023 | 09:19 AM
Omnia Ahmed

A fatal shooting at a convenience store in Yakima, Washington, left three people dead, authorities said, adding that the suspected gunman died after an hours-long manhunt.

Jarid Haddock, 21, asked to borrow a cell phone from a woman shopping near a Target store to call his mother, Yakima Police Chief Matthew Murray said in a press conference.

"He made several incriminating statements including, 'I killed those people,'" Murray said. "He made several statements in front of her that he was then going to kill himself."

Murray added that the woman got her phone back from the suspect and call 911.

"She was courageous in getting us there," the chief said of the woman. "She said, 'He's walking towards me now.'"

The suspect shot himself prior to officers' arrival, Murray said. Paramedics "tried to save his life," but he was pronounced dead at the scene at 3:15 p.m., Murray disclosed.

Murray emphasized that no officers fired their weapons during the incident.

Investigators still don't have a motive for the fatal killings, Murray said, disclosing that the "suspect did have a large amount of ammunition and a weapon when he was located by officers."

Officers responded to a call that reported a man "shooting parties" at a Circle K convenience store, Murray told reporters in an earlier news conference.

"It appears to be a random situation," said Murray, noting that "there was no apparent conflict between the parties" seen on security footage. "The male just walked in and started shooting."