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Wahid Hamid Hospitalized due to Health Problems

Thu 31 Dec 2020 | 11:00 PM
Ahmed Moamar

The great screenwriter, Wahid Hamid, suffered from an emergency health condition, today. The writer suffers from heart and lung problems.

Sources familiar with the great writer explained that he was rushed to a hospital in Mohandessin area, Giza Governorate, in order to conduct the necessary medical examinations.

Hamid's family kept a lid on the news of the crisis, which the great writer was exposed to, in order to preserve his psychological state.

It is noteworthy that Hamid was honored in the forty-second version of the Cairo International Film Festival, headed by producer Mohamed Hefzy.

Hamid revealed during the honorary seminar at the Cairo Film Festival 2020, that when he feels old age and fear of stagnation, he works with young directors to renew his thinking, including his son Marwan.

He added then when I worked on television with Ismail Abdel Hafez and the late actor Mohamed Yassin, I benefited from that experience and I have renewed the new vision throughout the past years. "

On the other hand, Hamid's lawyer had previously announced that he would take legal measures against the "Nujoom FM", radio network, in the coming hours, regarding preserving his client's rights and not violating them, after the radio station announced its new programmatic map, scheduled to be launched in 2021.

Among them is a program called "Playing with the Big Boys" presented by Aya Abdel Aty, and it bears the same name as a film by Wahid Hamid, which he presented with director Sherif Arafa and artist Adel Imam, nearly 30 years ago.

Lawyer Hussam Lotfi, the legal advisor to the writer Hamid, denounced what he described as "a violation by the" Nujoom FM "station of his client's property rights, without prior permission.

The movie "Playing with the Adults" revolves around the action of Hassan Behansi Bahloul, in connection with the state security apparatus, and he talked to the officer to inform him about the timing of a fire that will happen in a factory on the next day.