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Vikings.. Notorious Group That Horrified Europe, Reached America Shores

Sat 02 Nov 2019 | 03:28 PM
Ahmed Yasser

Viking is a catch  term used for navigators of ships, traders and warriors who were born in Scandinavia and raided the British, French coasts and other parts of Europe between between the eighth and 11th centuries. The Scandinavian countries includes: Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland.

The Vikings are fierce people and due the cold climate in their country and the barrenness of the earth, engaging in agriculture and livestock was a difficult process. Therefore, they went to the sea searching for their livelihood and became highly skilled navigators. They left their land and spread throughout Eastern Europe until they reached the shores of America.

Legend of the Ghost Warrior

Their ancestors were Germanic peoples who inhabited northwest Europe and moved in 200 BC. They used to live in what is known today as Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Each group developed its own life and spoke the Germanic language which consists of two main dialects.

They also used an alphabet consisting of letters called "runs". The "run" was discovered in Bergen in 1956, where the "run" scientists have shown the importance its inscriptions in their daily lives and their interactions.


The Vikings were initially pagans, but they later converted to Christianity like the rest of European countries.

They believed that the Sun is a girl and the Moon a boy; they drove their chariots drawn by swift horses across the sky each day. They are chased by wolves. At Ragnarok, the end of the worlds, the wolves will catch the Sun and Moon, and there will be no more day and night.

The "Viking" as a name has been used in many aspects especially movies, cartoons, and games. Example: "The Legend of the Ghost Warrior" is an epic action film, and a German, Austrian cartoon series narrating the story of Vicky, a young boy, who is the son of a Viking chief.