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US Defense Secretary Admitted to Critical Care

Mon 12 Feb 2024 | 06:52 PM
Israa Farhan

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit as he undergoes treatment for a bladder condition, the US Department of Defense, Pentagon, announced in a statement, citing his medical team.

According to the statement, following a series of tests and assessments, the Defense Secretary was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit at Walter Reed Military Medical Center for care and monitoring, as reported by AFP.

Earlier, a Pentagon spokesperson had disclosed that Austin, who has been battling prostate cancer, delegated his duties to his deputy on Sunday, hours after being hospitalized due to an emergency bladder issue.

Spokesperson Pat Ryder stated in a declaration, that at nearly 16:55, Secretary Austin transferred his departmental duties to Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks.

Ryder elaborated that Hicks is currently assuming Austin's responsibilities, noting that the Secretary is still receiving treatment and that both the White House and Congress have been informed.

Hours before, the Pentagon had mentioned that Austin "went to the hospital with the necessary secure and non-secure communication systems" to fulfill his obligations.

Austin was readmitted to the hospital on Sunday due to an "emergency bladder issue," weeks after a previous hospitalization that stirred controversy for being kept confidential.