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University of Leuven Students Begin Sit-in Protest Against Gaza War

Mon 13 May 2024 | 08:33 PM
By Ahmad El-Assasy

Students at the University of Leuven in Belgium initiated a sit-in protest on Monday, voicing their opposition to the ongoing Israeli war in Gaza and urging the university administration to boycott Israel.

The student protests have expanded beyond the United States, gaining traction globally as more universities join the movement supporting Palestinians and denouncing the Israeli military actions in Gaza.

In the Netherlands, students set up a camp on the campus of the University of Amsterdam, demanding the university sever all ties with Israel. Dutch media outlets reported the scene, showing about ten tents pitched on the grass among university buildings, with dozens of students participating, some wearing kaffiyehs.

Hundreds of students at universities in Belgium and Britain also demonstrated in support of Palestinians. A spokesperson for Ghent University in Belgium stated that around 100 students had occupied parts of the university, announcing that the protest would continue until the following Wednesday.

The protestors are calling for an end to the economic partnership between Ghent University and Israel, threatening further escalation if their demands are not met.