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Unidentified Gunmen Kill Yemeni Pro-gov't Military Official in Taiz

Sat 01 Apr 2023 | 09:53 PM
By Ahmad El-Assasy

A security official said on Saturday that unidentified gunmen assassinated a senior military representative of Yemen's government forces in the province of Taiz.

Colonel Yasser Al-Hashidi was killed late on Friday night by two masked gunmen on a motorbike in Taiz province's Wadi Al-Qadi area, a local security official said on condition of anonymity.

Al-Hashidi was the chief of operations for the third Border Guard Brigade, which is a part of the pro-government forces, and is well known for his active participation in leading operations against the Houthi group in Yemen, according to the official.

According to the official, the neighbourhood security officials responded quickly to the crisis and have started an inquiry into the drive-by shooting event.

As the conflict continued on, assassinations increased in frequency as different Yemeni fighting organisations targeted each other's military and political officials.

Since 2014, the Houthi militia has been engaged in bloody civil war in Yemen, fighting against the country's internationally recognised government and its supporters, including a coalition commanded by Saudi Arabia.

The UN has advocated for a ceasefire and peace negotiations in Yemen to put an end to the country's more than eight-year civil conflict, which has resulted in the greatest humanitarian disaster in history.

The battle put the most impoverished nation in the Arab world in danger of collapsing, depriving millions of people of access to healthy food.