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UN Women: Over 10,000 Women Killed since Start of Gaza War

Tue 16 Apr 2024 | 03:26 PM
Israeli army targets several sites in Gaza  - Reuters
Israeli army targets several sites in Gaza - Reuters
Ahmed Emam

UN Women has launched its latest Gender Alert on Gaza, revealing the devastating impact of the war on women. 

According to the report, within six months of the war, 10,000 Palestinian women in Gaza have lost their lives, including an estimated 6,000 mothers, leaving 19,000 children orphaned. Women who survived Israeli bombardment and ground operations have been displaced, widowed, and are now facing starvation. This tragedy has made the war on Gaza a war on women.

The series of gender alerts published by UN Women on Gaza provides an in-depth analysis of the reality of women's and girls' lives in the Gaza Strip, documenting their abhorrent living conditions. The latest publication, "Scarcity and Fear," focuses on the lack of access to water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) services, which are vital to women's health, dignity, safety, and privacy.

In Gaza, over one million Palestinian women and girls are facing catastrophic hunger, with almost no access to food, safe drinking water, functioning toilets, or running water, creating life-threatening risks. Access to clean water is particularly crucial for breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women who require higher daily water and caloric intake. It is also essential for managing menstrual hygiene with dignity and safety. UN Women highlights that 10 million disposable menstrual pads or four million reusable sanitary pads are needed each month to meet the needs of 690,000 women and girls in Gaza.