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UN Official Hails Egypt’s Efforts in Combating Violence against Women, Human Trafficking

Thu 11 May 2023 | 02:40 PM
Pramila Patten
Pramila Patten
Ahmed Emam

The UN special representative of the secretary-general on sexual violence in conflict situations Pramila Patin hailed Egypt’s efforts in combating violence against women and eliminating human trafficking as well.

During the regional meeting on the implementation of the Arab Strategy for Prevention and Response to combat all forms of violence in the refugee situation in Amman, Jordan, Patin said that Egypt has faced the critical issue of smuggling and human trafficking with a lot of work, and has set many examples for the protection of women and girls.

She continued that Egypt has managed to ensure that its legislative framework is in place, and can set a model for itself and provide this example to other countries in the region.

"I believe that Egypt can become a model for other countries in the region to combat violence," said the UN official, adding that the African country has made a lot of efforts in confronting violence against women.