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UN  Commissioner of Human Rights Condemns Israeli Settlements  in West Bank as Crime of War

Fri 09 Jul 2021 | 11:17 PM
Ahmed Moamar

Michael  Link, a United Nations (UN), Commissioner for Human Rights in the Palestinian Territories, said today, Friday, that the Israeli settlements in the West Bank may be considered a crime of war.

He urges the member-states of the General Assembly of the UN  to make clear to Israel that its illegal occupation of the Palestinian territories couldn't be passed without punishment.

Link addressed the UN Human Rights Council over a meeting held in the headquarters of the council in Geneva, Switzerland.

He warned of the negative consequences of the Israeli settlements as a violation of international law.

However, Israel boycotted the meeting as it doesn't recognize the authority of Link and it refuses to cooperate with him.

But Link assured that Israel continues challenging international law and the opinion of the international community.

Earlier this the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs brought the direct responsibility for construction of settlements, demolition of houses, and forced displacement of Palestinian citizens to Israel.

The ministry affirmed that those violations are crimes of war and crimes against humanity should be punished by the international community.

It assured that all forms of Israeli settling in the Palestinian lands are illegal and challenge international legitimacy.

It is worth noting the Palestinian authority has referred crimes committed by the Israeli government to the International  Criminal Court (ICC)  to investigate those crimes and punish Israel.

On May 26,  Palestinian officials confirmed that US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, revealed to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, in their meeting that day, that Israeli settlements and occupation are the cause of the crisis in their country.

Those  Palestinian officials stressed  that the administration of US President Joe Biden is aware that “the occupation, settlements, and threats to Jerusalemites in their homes in Jerusalem, and the constant provocation in Al-Aqsa Mosque, are the factors that explode the confrontations,” and that “the solution is to launch a political track.” My negotiation ends it all."