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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

UN Calls on Israel, Iran to Avert Full-scale Middle East Conflict

Mon 15 Apr 2024 | 05:49 PM
Ahmed Emam

The UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, has warned of the danger of a full-scale conflict in the Middle East and has urged "maximum restraint" after Iran launched a series of attack drones and missiles against Israel on Saturday night. 

Speaking at an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, Mr. Guterres stressed the importance of avoiding any action that could lead to major military confrontations in the region. The UN chief explained that Israel had called for the emergency session following what it described as "a direct attack launched by Iran...of more than 200 UAVs, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles towards Israel in clear violation of international law."

According to reports, Iran launched hundreds of drones and missiles from its territory towards Israel, with most being intercepted. Several missiles reportedly hit Israeli territory, one of which damaged a military facility in the south of the country. The Secretary-General condemned the attacks and called for an immediate cessation of hostilities, adding that the international community had a shared responsibility to engage all parties to prevent further escalation.

Guterres also stressed the need to secure an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza, the release of all hostages, and the unimpeded delivery of humanitarian aid. He further called for an end to violence in the occupied West Bank, de-escalation of the situation along the Blue Line, and the re-establishment of safe navigation in the Red Sea.

"We have a shared responsibility to work for peace. Regional - and indeed global - peace and security are being undermined by the hour. Neither the region nor the world can afford more war," Guterres concluded.