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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Ukraine Accuses West of Double Standards

Thu 21 Mar 2024 | 11:28 AM
Israa Farhan

According to an American newspaper, the advisor to the Ukrainian President, Mykhailo Podoliak, accused Western countries of wanting to "sit on two chairs" and practicing double standards, due to their desire to protect their markets.

Podoliak stated in an interview with Politico that the West is an ally of Ukraine and should assist it with all available means, yet on the other hand, they try to protect their markets through protective measures.

The newspaper highlighted the deteriorating relations between Kyiv and European allies due to protests by farmers in Poland and several other European countries, lasting a week against the import of Ukrainian agricultural products.

It noted that EU countries are divided on whether to expand imports of Ukrainian products exempt from customs duties, with Poland and France insisting on tightening restrictions. 

Podoliak complained that the debate over whether to reinstate barriers removed after Russian forces launched military operations in Ukraine is not fitting for Kyiv's allies.

Yesterday, the European Council and the European Parliament agreed on a new proposal to extend imports of duty-free goods from Ukraine for one year until June 5, 2025, adding additional restrictions and the possibility of an emergency halt to the import of several agricultural products to the EU, including poultry, eggs, sugar, oats, corn, grains, and honey.