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UK to Pay 2/3 of Employees' Salaries due to Coronavirus

Fri 09 Oct 2020 | 09:47 PM
Ahmed Moamar

Rishi Sunak, an adviser of the UK government announced on Friday the expansion of the job support program, which will start on November 1 and will be available for a period of six months, according to Business Live website.

Sunak explained that employees who work for British companies, that have been forced to close by law due to the restrictions of the coronavirus, will receive two-thirds of their salaries paid by the government.

However, Chancellor of the Labor Party Anelisi Dodds said that "Sunak's delay in providing support to the employees has caused unnecessary anxiety and loss of jobs."

Next Monday, the closure restrictions imposed by the UK government are expected to be updated to include bars and restaurants in the most affected areas throughout the country.

On his part, the British Minister of Health Matt Hancock warned of the high number of new infections in the UK with the coronavirus and the increase in the number of people who are hospitalized because of it, and he saw this as a serious problem.

During a webinar with the Confederation of British Industry, Hancock stressed that the country is witnessing in the last week a challenge due to the high rate of infections.

He explained that the challenge is how to deal with the second peak of the spread of the deadly virus with the least possible harm.

According to government data, the United Kingdom recorded 13,864 new cases of coronavirus on Friday.

But the number of infections recorded a decrease of 3,676 cases from the previous day, which recorded 17,540 cases, and 87 deaths were recorded within 28 days.

This decline in infections is the first after the UK witnessed, in recent weeks, a sharp increase in the daily infection index of the coronavirus, which prompted the country's authorities to impose new restrictions, including working remotely, and closing bars and restaurants earlier, while the restrictions may last 6 months. In order to counteract the second wave of disease.