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UK Determines Who Gets Coronavirus Vaccine First

Sat 28 Nov 2020 | 05:57 PM
Ezzeldin Essam Ezzeldin

British government directives confirmed that the most obese people in the United Kingdom will have priority in taking Coronavirus vaccines.

The British newspaper "Daily Mail" stated that the official recommendation announced that obese people will have priority over those between 50 to 65 years old who are not suffering obesity, to receive vaccines against the emerging Coronavirus first.

The British recommendation indicated that obese adults should be included in the "at-risk" category and put them first before anyone under the age of 65 years.

One in 8 people in the UK is "morbidly obese," or about 2 million people in the country.

Hospital data shows that obese people with a BMI of more than 40 are twice as likely to die from "Covid-19" compared to their companions. In contrast, the BMI ratio for a healthy weight ranges from 18.5 to 24.9.

Diabetes patients are also included in the "at-risk" category. While people with type 1 diabetes are largely hereditary, obesity dominates most cases of type 2 diabetes.

It was known for months that "high-risk" people with health problems would receive the "Covid-19" vaccine earlier than those under 65.

But the Joint Committee for Vaccines and Immunization has now revealed cases that fall into those categories.

The updated advice from the Health Authority of England on vaccines has been unveiled on the government's website.

Hence, British Cabinet Affairs Minister Michael Gove has warned that all hospitals in his country may be filled with new cases of "Coronavirus" if no new restrictions are imposed.

He stressed that the decision to impose restrictions is necessary to avoid what he described as a "disaster" in the hospitals and the health sector, which became crowded with people infected with the virus.

Also, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson appointed Nazem Al-Zahawi as Minister of Health responsible to spread the anti-Coronavirus vaccine, with a temporary arrangement scheduled until the summer of next year at least.