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Two Egyptians Win Pulitzer Prize alongside Yemeni Colleague

Tue 16 Apr 2019 | 07:09 PM
Norhan Mahmoud

Maggie Michael, an Egyptian reporter, won a Pulitzer Prize jointly with her national Photographer Nariman El-Mofty and Maad Al-Zikry, a Yemeni video journalist, for their coverage of the civil war in Yemen.

The grantees work for the Associated Press (AP).

As per the AP, the trio’s year-long stay in Yemen concluded with stories depicting the suffering and atrocities- people had no option but to endure- amidst the ongoing brutal civil war in their country.

Their reporting, according to the AP, shed light on “the presence of child soldiers on the front lines and showed evidence of torture by both Houthi rebels and U.S.-backed forces.”

Since joining the AP in 2002, Michael has been a part of the association’s investigation team, covering political and religious conflicts in the Middle East. She is based in Cairo and has written about Iraqi civilian casualties.

El-Mofty, a Canadian-Egyptian photographer, started her career as a photo editor. In 2016, she became in charge of covering Egypt, Yemen and other Middle Eastern countries.

As a video journalist, Al-Zikry has chronicled Yemen’s devastating war and trepidation. In 2016, one of his photos alerted the global community of the starvation Yemen, as it showed the anguish of a child dying at a hospital.