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 2 Egyptians Sailors Kidnapped in Nigeria, Send Family Reassurance Messages

Tue 01 Dec 2020 | 09:11 PM
Ahmed Moamar

Two Egyptian sailors who have been kidnapped on board the "St. Kitts" cargo ship. They have sent reassurance messages to their families through the ship's owner, Adnan Al-Kout.

Ten inpiduals, including those two Egyptians, were kidnapped off the Nigerian coast looking over the Atlantic Ocean.

The kidnapped persons made a phone call to the owner of the ship, via "Al-Thuraya", mobile satellite phone, on Tuesday morning.

The Lebanese owner of the ill-fated ship made clear that he spoke to all the detainees and made sure that they were in health and safe.

He noted that the pirates required paying a ransom to release the ship and its entire crew.

Local sources revealed that the Nigerian authorities were able to locate the kidnapped ship carrying the "Saint Kitts" flag, with 10 inpiduals on board, including two Egyptians.

The authorities in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria, are seeking to free the kidnapped by tracking the movements and communications of pirates.

The sources assured that the Italian and French authorities are conducting contacts with the Nigerian authorities to assist in the process of liberating the kidnapped persons, indicating that the Nigerian Navy is in the process of implementing a specific operation to free the detained ship.

Amal Mustafa Tawfiq, the mother of the midshipman, Saad Shawky, one of the Egyptian kidnapped sailors from the Lebanese ship, had appealed to the responsible authorities in the state from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Interior and Immigration and the Maritime Academy from which her son graduated, to save him after he and 10 crew members of the Lebanese ship were kidnapped.

She revealed that she used to ask her son before any cruise, he takes, about the duration of the trip and when he returns to the country.

She explained that the director of the Lebanese company said that the pirates asked for a ransom of $ 2 million for each person, and the amount was reduced to $1 million, then to $300,000.