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Turkish Amb.:We seek to develop many joint works with Egypt

Fri 29 Mar 2024 | 10:18 AM
Basant Ahmed

Turkish Ambassador to Cairo Salih Mutlu Şen said that the Turkish Cultural Institute "Yunus Emre" will provide many different activities in Egypt during the coming period.

He added, during an iftar party organized by the Turkish Cultural Institute “Yunus Emre”, “We have common factors with Egypt in several areas in the month of Ramadan, such as culture and arts,” noting that the month of Ramadan in all the world is a month of worship and celebrations.

The ambassador said: "We hope to carry out many joint works and develop them continuously, such as archives, cinema and television works, as well as joint historical shrines.".

He stressed that the closest culture to the Turkish people is the Egyptian one, adding that Egypt, Azerbaijan, and Pakistan like Turkey.