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Turkey Has High Aspiration to Strengthen Relationship with Egypt_ Sources

Mon 03 May 2021 | 11:20 PM
Omnia Ahmed

Egypt and Turkey will hold talks on Wednesday, headed by the two countries' Deputy Foreign Ministers, Asharq reported on Monday.

The discussion will touch upon Muslim Brotherhood as Egypt will demand handing over a number of the sentenced leaders even though some of them were granted Turkish citizenship, a source revealed.

Moreover, Egypt will urge the Turkish delegation to stop 'interfering' in Syria and Libya's issues, calling for the withdrawal of the foreign fighters.

Certainly, some pending matters with the two countries are still a "disputed issue" so far.

The source affirmed that Egypt's position is consistent regarding not interfering in the external affairs of any country or harming the interests of its allies.

"Reaching full normalization with Turkey requires confidence-building measures which will take a long time," the source pointed out, asserting that the country has a great aspiration to strengthen its relationship with Egypt.

In addition, the source pointed out that Egypt is closely monitoring how Turkey adheres to its obligations regarding media charters.