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Tunisian President Saied Stresses on Combating Bribery and Dismantling Lobbies Across All Sectors

Tue 19 Mar 2024 | 10:35 PM
By Ahmad El-Assasy

On the afternoon of Tuesday, March 19, 2024, Tunisian President Kais Saied visited the Ministry of Interior, where he met with Kamal Feki, the Interior Minister, and a number of security leaders. He urged them to exert more effort and dedication in combating all forms of crime and enforcing the law equally on everyone, without any exceptions.

President Saied emphasized the necessity of dismantling lobbies in all sectors that regrettably find extensions within numerous administrative structures. He affirmed that officials who fail to fully assume their responsibilities towards serving citizens have no place in these sectors.

Among the issues highlighted by the President, according to the statement, was the phenomenon of bribery, which must be confronted wherever it is found, and the underlying causes leading to its spread and exacerbation must be addressed. Many individuals misuse the power granted to them by law as a commodity to be bought and sold, and the greatest betrayal of justice is to remain silent in the face of falsehood.

Furthermore, President Saied spoke about individuals falsely claiming patriotism while embracing foreign forces, including those supported by Zionists. He stressed the importance of applying the law to them based on Article 60 and subsequent provisions of the Penal Code. These individuals are guilty of not only betraying their country, which constitutes a great betrayal, but also of committing a grave betrayal against the Palestinian people.

The President underscored that independence is not merely a signed document but one of the greatest trusts that must be preserved. He clarified that neocolonialism is no less dangerous than direct colonization.

In conclusion, President Saied highlighted that Tunisia faces significant challenges, but the will to overcome them is as strong as the determination to preserve freedom and independence, and to rid the nation of corruption and malfeasance. This beloved country, sanctified by the blood of martyrs, is not just the land we live on but the blood that flows in our veins and the air we breathe. He envisions a country purified not only from environmental pollution but also cleansed of lobbies, traitors, and spies.