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Tunisian MP Calls Single Mothers 'Whores' (Video)

Sat 05 Dec 2020 | 03:12 PM
Omnia Ahmed

Tunisian MP Mohamed Al-Afas sparked anger after giving a speech, in which he attacked women, and described single mothers as “whores”, calling them a cheap commodity, according to media reports published on Saturday.


“They talk about women's freedom, and what they call freedom includes being a slave to fashion, the West, desires, and calls for immorality and fornication,” Afas said, Thursday, in his speech during the discussing budget of the Ministry of Women's Affairs.

“Here, we have precious women like diamond," Afas continued, describing the Arab women.

“They are proud of being single mothers, and having the right to carry out an abortion. They have sexual relationships beyond the marriage. They also call for homosexuality,” Afas noted. “Single mothers are either whores or rapists, childbearing outside of marriage is immorality, abortion is sinful killing of a soul, sexual freedom is fornication.”

“They are blindly defending the Code of Personal Status, saying that it is a red line, on the other hand, we strongly defend the rulings of God, considering it a red line," the Tunisian MP stated. “They demeaned the woman, and Islam honored her. "

The Tunisian media reported that a number of Tunisian politicians asked to waive the immunity of the MP, after presenting his speech, considering it extremist and insulting to women.

On her part, Free Destourian Party’s head Abir Moussi called on Parliament Speaker Rached el-Ghannouchi to hold a meeting to condemn the MP’s statements, stressing the need to issue an official apology from Parliament for all Tunisian women.