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Tunisia to Criminally Charge Violators of Public Quarantine

Wed 08 Apr 2020 | 07:39 AM
Yassmine Elsayed

Hours ago, Tunisia has vowed to apply toughest measures against those who violate the public quarantine amid collective efforts to contain coronavirus outbreak in the country.

Minister of the Interior Hisham Al-Mishishi announced that authorities would be very strict in enforcing the law against people carrying the Covid-19 virus who did not adhere to public quarantine and the Ministry of Health instructions.

In a joint press conference with the Minister of Health, Al-Mishishi said that every person who was tested positive with Covid -19 "and does not adhere to the quarantine and instructions of the Ministry of Health and causes the virus to transmit to another person, he would be tracked,  criminally, and if that causes a death for the other patient, the person would be charged with killing mistakenly".

“There are people who have been diagnosed with the disease and do not adhere to quarantine,” he added. “We will be strict in enforcing the law. Our responsibility is to protect the people and not restricting freedoms.”

The Tunisian authorities applied a complete closure for the country since March 22 until April 19th, but recently, it was clear that some people violate this lockdown.

Pictures went viral recently in media, showing dozens have been scrambling in front of the post offices to obtain financial aid, which was approved by the government and forced the security forces to disperse them by using force in different areas of the country.

The Ministry of Interior arrested more than 600 people who did not adhere to quarantine and forced 70 others to house arrest, according to the minister.

On his part, the Minister of Health, Abd Al-Latif Al-Makki, said in tears at the press conference, "This is an issue of national security par excellence. Quarantine must be adhered to by all:.

He added:  "Patients will die at the hospital doors if the violation of the lockdown continues".

22 people died so far while about 600 people were infected with coronavirus, across the country. The largest number of infected people was registered in the capital.

Quarantine official Mohammed al-Rabhi said that three hotels in Tunisia (Sfax Governorate  -South, Medenine -South and Monastir -East) have been allocated to accommodate all patients, and they currently have 120 patients out of a total capacity of 1500 beds.