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Reports: Trump May Appoint Ivanka as "Running Mate" in 2024

Fri 05 Mar 2021 | 09:31 AM
Rana Atef

Former US president Donald Trump said that he may run for presidency in 2024, therefore several media reports highlighted that he may appoint his daughter, Ivanka, as a Vice President, Daily Express reported on Friday.

Trump is seriously considering to participate in the upcoming elections, therefore, his allies advised him to select a new Vice-President replacing the former mate Mike Pence, Bloomberg asserted.

The former president likely would remove Pence’s name from any political plans after Pence rejected to turnover the elections’ results and attended Biden’s inauguration.

Regarding the possibility of choosing Ivanka, Trump hinted many times during his previous presidential elections campaigns that he may select his daughter as a First Lady, but she served as Advisor to the President and the Director of Office of Economic Initiatives and Entrepreneurship during Trump’s presidential term.

On the other hand, experts still question whether Trump would really take such a step in 2024, but, Trump teased that he may run for presidency back in 2016, and he did.

Finally, Bloomberg cited sources that Trump won’t make an official announcement before the summer of 2023.