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Trump Calls for Teachers to Be Allowed to Carry Guns

Sat 28 May 2022 | 09:46 PM
Ahmed Moamar

Former US President Donald Trump has called for teachers to be allowed to carry guns, after a Texas school shooting that killed 21 people days ago.

"We can all agree that our schools shouldn't be targets," Trump said in a speech to the National Rifle Conference in Houston, Texas.

He went on to say it's time, under the Comprehensive School Security Plan, that teachers who have undergone training are allowed to carry a gun properly hidden".

Trump also called for increased funding for the police, expanded hiring, and improved training across the country. "If the United States has offered $40 billion for Ukraine, we should be able to do everything we can to protect our children," he added.

Trump also suggested providing schools with metal detectors and deploying police or armed guards in schools.