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Striped Fashion Is Trending This Season

Tue 05 Sep 2023 | 07:49 PM
Pasant Elzaitony

Striped has become one of the most popular patterns for morning and afternoon outfits, provided that a woman chooses what suits her best.

This trend is not new, as striped fashion has appeared in several seasons, and now it is trending once again with its horizontal and vertical stripes.

The stripes in all styles — wide, thin or varied — are popular this season.

*Youthful appearance

A 2 m Equal-width stripes with white and black or navy blue color combinations are among the classics of striped colors.

It suits the youthful look of the university period or the morning period, especially when worn with navy blue jeans as illustrated by Balmain.

by Balmainby Balmain

*Modern look

Mixing strong colors of unequal thick stripes creates a state of modernness and freshness in the design.

The designers use their imagination to transfer their version for the design and create an artistic masterpiece, which was highlighted by the Bamba brand.

* Elegant appearance

If the striped widewise blouse gives a feeling of increased weight, then the lengthwise striped blouse provides gracefulness.

The lengthwise stripe can be used to increase the length or add a kind of balance. If the top is short, wear a lengthwise striped blouse, thus balancing the lower and upper parts as well as providing elegance and streamlining.

by bambahby bambah

* Coordination of appearance

Stripes can be used in many ways and at most times of the day.

A striped skirt or pants can be worn with a plain piece as well as a striped blouse can be matched with plain pants to get a distinctive look.

Contributed by Yara Sameh