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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Treasure of Loneliness By Dr. Hadi Eltonsi

Thu 23 Jan 2020 | 10:51 AM
By Dr. Hadi Eltonsi, Retired Ambassador and Medical Doctor

What would you do if you were lonely? Do you feel sometimes bored even if you don’t have serious problems to face? Would you play, work, study, visit, achieve, love, shop to escape from loneliness? Does loneliness confront you with the extent of your pain and the extent of your need? So you would be nervous or even suffocated, and the activity will be your analgesic and temporary relief from boredom?.

Just wait a bit; as playing can be without involvement, work and study could be as tension lacking concentration and deep understanding, visiting as superficial courtesy without real care and openness, the achievement without satisfaction and love as a possession and handicapping mutual interdependency, shopping not up to the need, quantity, quality and pricewise; so what would be your way to a life of high value? To the peace of mind? To the nobility of feeling, work, and dealing? To inspiration as an invention or art whose benefit extends to the society at present and future and to all mankind? To spirituality that make your psyche higher and to enable you to feel that you are but a part of all; with understanding, love, kindness and with responsibility towards everyone; a responsibility that can make every relation deep and fruitful, conscience and fair, peaceful and stable, inspiring without limits, that you can end immediately whatever it may be without suffering if it turns negative?

Where can you bring all this power, energy, independence, highness, love, realism, truthfulness, depths., consciousness, vision, and inspiration? And what would you do if you were among a group surrounding you with intrigues, superficiality, selfishness, primitivism and ruthless power games that demean the user in the first place?

What would you feel if people around couldn’t understand, appreciate and be committed to dignity, self-respect, fairness, and honor? and if they don’t have insight, and if they don’t put values before interests, and if they don’t remember mercy and love to others as love for themselves?

Escape to loneliness and even more to isolation, hold fast to what you are escaping from, and abandon what you are looking for, make loneliness your resort, give yourself time to connect to yourself, and face what you are escaping from; as your truthful temporary little suffering is a motor for understanding, realization, and growth, and it is your way to peace of mind, serenity, and purity of spirit, and they are the will of happiness, highness, inspiration and sixth sense, and a source for unlimited power that makes work a pleasure and perfection, relations stable and deep, and love purity, maturity and growth respectfully independently and consciously, and art an involvement and a creation, connection and eternity.

Be involved in life even when you are alone; as all are inside you, and your spirit radiates affinity, understanding, responsibility, and goodness. Feel with every cell in your body, live to the maximum, and realize the unknown and the unseen. Purify your spirit, and dare to live the moment deeply and highly; with a security that grants you truthfulness with yourself and others respectfully, positively and sincerely, then speak to others about the experience; express the marvel of sentiments and the emotions that mesmerize the feeling and the psyche, and you may be surprised that your state of mind was transmitted to others even for a while and let them enjoy crystal moments with deep insight that may last and build one day.

Socialize with the sane, enjoy fine arts, feel the beauty, perfection, and the highness. Fill your ears with music invoking serenity and love, renovating hopes and faith in mankind and goodness. Enjoy total liberation from the needs and the fears, and breathe deeply in the land of God.

Change your life with patience, tolerance, and love, to understand that all of us are passing through various stages in the school of life; we came to learn, to play a role in life whose continuity requires an interaction between the good and evil, for people to learn and to compete in development and growth, till we maturate and understand ourselves, others and life, so we deserve the happiness, peace, and harmony, deserve and appreciate the heaven we are longing for in the sky, and we strive to build it on earth. 

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