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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Tourism Will Become the Main Driver of 239 Mahallas in Samarkand

Thu 14 Sep 2023 | 01:02 PM
Rustam Kobilov, Deputy head of Samarkand region

In 2022 1 million 204 thousand foreign tourists from 152 countries and 4 million 247 thousand local tourists visited Samarkand. Exports of tourism services amounted to 197.6 million US dollars.

Deputy head of the Samarkand region Rustam Kobilov provided full information.

“Until now, foreign tourists stayed in Samarkand region on average from two to six days, their daily expenses ranged from 65 to 213 dollars,” says Rustam Kobilov. “And this year, extending the stay of tourists in the city by one day will increase the export of tourism services by $14 million. Within a year we are going to attract 1.5 million foreign tourists and increase the export of services to $250 million. In 2022, in 103 mahallas of cities and districts of the region, tourism was identified as the main driver, 491 houses were converted into family guest houses. More than 5,800 people are employed in this area.

This year, the number of mahallas selected for tourism will be increased to 239, and guest houses - to 1144. As a result, 104 family hotels, 105 catering establishments will be organized, and 7189 local residents will be employed in the sector. This year, two projects to create tourist complexes with a total cost of more than 11 million USD will be implemented in the “Vorsin” mahalla of Tailak district and “Yangiarik” mahalla of Samarkand district. A cable car worth 11 million USD will be put into operation in the Aksai mahalla of Nurabad district. Four ecotourism recreation areas have been opened in Urgut, Akdarya and Kattakurgan regions. A shopping and entertainment center will begin its activities in Samarkand, the initial cost of which is more than 400 million USD.

In addition, tourists will begin to receive one health center in the Kattakurgan and Akdarya regions and two more in Samarkand. The total number of accommodation facilities will be increased to 681, the number of places - to 18,869, tour operators - to 250, tourist villages - to 18, 16 thousand jobs will be created. Facilities for pilgrimage, classical, gastronomic, business, eco-, agro- , and shopping tourism have been created in the region. In addition, a five-day tourism program has been developed to visit recreation areas, attractions, tourist villages and streets.

With extensive use of the capabilities of Samarkand International Airport, the number of weekly flights will be increased from 55 to 120. This year, Samarkand will become the center of major international forums and conferences. 25 international events are planned, including the 25th session of the General Assembly of the UNWTO, the 32nd annual meeting of the Board of Governors of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the second meeting of the Strategic Dialogue “Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf - Central Asia”.