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Top Mystic Books for Spiritual Season

Sun 02 May 2021 | 10:46 AM
Rana Atef

Currently, the Middle East witnesses two holy seasons for Muslims and Christians: Ramadan, and Easter. This wonderful period could be used for enhancing the one’s spirituality. Here is 5-mystic booklist for having a spiritual experience.


Mathnawi is a verse multi-volume book narrating various stories for teaching the readers the real meaning of wisdom. This book is the most famous composition by Jalal Al-Din Rumi.

Also, this book is one of the leading books in the field of Muslim mysticism and Sufism.

The Dark Night of the Soul

Written originally in Spanish by St. John of the Cross, the book is consisted of two sections: the poem, its explanation. The poem is a late-night mystic experience for purifying the soul from sins.

The theme of the poem is a connection between the darkness of the night, and the darkness of the heart which was hurt by sins and desire.

The leading priest touches upon the weakness of human being in following the voice of desire, however, the human’s pure and good nature drive him to climb the ladder of spiritual tower to reach the meaning of purity and pine love.

Qalbi Yohadethni Be Enak Motlifi

Edited by Osama Al Sawy, the poetry collection is consisted of gathering the most Sufi and touching mystic poems and compositions for different mystic and sufi traditions such as Ibn Arabi, Al Shashtsry, Al Halaj, and Ibn Al Farid.

Revelations of Divine Love

It is an iconic Medieval mystic volume. The book is written by Julian of Norwich. During her illness, Julian received various visions and prophecies related to Jesus Christ and his journey of salvation, pain and body scars.

Therefore, after her recovery, she documented all her visions and responses towards them in the book.

The Alchemist

One of the best-selling books globally. It is a journey between the east and west, the fortune and experience, and love and pain.  Approaching the mystic sense of a traveler who decides to follow his inner voice and conduct his journey without following any maps, just his inner soul.

Written by Paulo Coelho, the author reviews in the book various examples of spiritual experience regardless the religion they follow.

Moreover, he portrays vivid images of the harmony between the human and nature which is an essential mystic tie.