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The Struggle to Achieve Dreams ... By Dr. Hadi Eltonsi

Tue 28 Jan 2020 | 01:35 PM
By Dr. Hadi Eltonsi, Retired Ambassador and Medical Doctor

By Dr. Hadi El Tonsi, Retired Ambassador and Medical Doctor

Imagine if you woke up one morning and felt fresh, and you could within half an hour have your breakfast, shower put on your elegant clothes and left your apartment neat, then you passed thru your clean street, beautiful houses whose little gardens are well cared for by the inhabitants, then you arrive to a post office or a government building where a smiley co-operative well informed efficient employee meets you and suggests logical solutions to any obstacle you face as if he is a solidaritarian partner, so gratefully you left to catch the time of the public bus, which arrives calmly and timely and that you find inside empty seats and vital relaxed sympathetic inpiduals?

You arrive to work in time to find harmonious practical elegant office furniture, and your colleagues calmly working till they are back home in convenient interlinked transport means, so they wouldn’t use their cars except for weekend picnics to come out of the city if they don’t want to be conditioned by the schedules and lines of trains and planes.

Imagine that discipline and calmness prevail in the city, and that the citizens dedicate their energy to work and pleasure, and that they are sympathetic and solidaritarian with each other treating r with respect and credibility, feeling safe under an umbrella of laws that protect their interests, guarantee their rights and organize interpersonal relations and with the state, and that they feel belonging and proud of their country, and make their politicians, freely chosen, accountable to fulfill their election promises, and that the inpiduals are aware of the internal and external political facts and always in solidarity with oppressed peoples and human rights.

Imagine if sport, music concerts, theatres and museums are the chosen entertainment, and that friends are meeting in elegant coffee houses and beautiful gardens in their suburbs, and that shops, whatever attractive are its goods, are not what attract people in spare time, and that culture, arts and reading inspire the people of innovation and development, deepening their human side and their understanding of life realities, and ameliorating their conduct and lifestyle.

Some of us realize at that that is not fiction societies, if they visited similar cities which were generally similar, and that crimes and delinquency there are exceptions that prove the rule, even more some of these cities where destroyed at wars followed by injustice and events inconsistent with human dignity motivated by the necessities of survival and human instincts, but they are the same people who rebuilt their societies with their wills, sciences, efforts and consistence.

Fifty years ago, other societies were rural or poor closed and back warded but they could do without rich natural resources and by visionary education achieve human development and create the inpidual of the future with clear conduct and value priorities, coherent with the bases of religions, to realize through them progress, prosperity, peace and justice.

Since their early years, children learn social manners, respect, tolerance, discipline, cleanliness, honesty, seriousness and integrity.

Parents motivate them to develop their imagination and talents, encourage them express themselves freely, spontaneity and creativity, train their critical mind, and get them accustomed to problem-solving, tireless work, scientific investigation, accuracy, self-education, to be always ready for sudden strict evaluation, making them practice their inpiduality and rights, teaching them the experiences and cultures of other peoples, rewarding and punishment are employed, and the inpidual respects rules of law and equality.

Parents give them information, culture and arts that respect their minds and humanity, and develop their concepts, conduct and thoughts and motivate them to work and invent for the future and others.

Destruction, backwardness, stagnation and poverty didn’t lead these societies to uncalculated increases of population to express despair or instinctive, irresponsible, insistence on survival, so they didn’t witness crowd ness manners, and the inpidual kept a convenient share of time, space, and resources, even more if the population was not balanced it decreased, and the result was the productive and human development that these societies enjoy now, and which may be required in other crowded societies rural development and projects that spread country wide to evacuate the crowds and stop population increase.

Along with enlightening information, culture and education a development – under condition of stability peace, economic growth and suitable foreign relations – may be required towards a democratic society, that regulates interpersonal relation and with the state, offering advanced services, a democratic society that allows for the development and the best usage of inpiduals energies and the expression of their talents within firm coherent laws that guarantee the rights and the freedoms of inpiduals and their social, health, and physical security.

Hence, the struggle for survival will transform from a destructive, selfish, miserable, immoral, arbitrary conduct into constructive civilized peaceful organized competition for the sake of man and civilization, the dream becomes reality, and the struggle for survival a fight to achieve the dream.

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