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How to Keep Your Skin and Hair Healthy in Summer

Wed 08 Jun 2022 | 06:38 PM
Pasant Elzaitony

The skin is affected by climate conditions and the heat has begun to impact the skin and hair.

Beauty expert Yasmine El Hawary, who has long experience in the field of skincare, shared some basic steps and important materials to maintain healthy hair and skin.

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*First tip

She addressed the usage of people to the sunblock only during the summer.

El Hawary noted this notion was completely wrong as people, whether in summer or winter, must protect the skin not only from tanning but also from UVB rays that cause stress to the skin and accelerate the aging process of the skin as well as causes pimples and other skin problems.

The expert recommends using the 100% Natural Sunblock SPF 50.

The sunblock offers protection against sun damage, nourishes the skin, and provides it with a light texture due to its richness of zinc oxide, carrot oil, almond oil, coconut oil, and vitamin E, which is very important for skin health.

It is essential that the sunblock absorbs fast and does not leave a greasy effect on the skin.

*Tip Two

It is necessary to use Aloe vera and Shea butter gel to get rid of the face and body from any infections by the sun's rays.

*Tip Three

It is vital to use coconut oil as a hair mask before going to the sea or swimming pool as the thick oil will cover and protect the hair as well as nutrients the hair and help hair maintain its natural color.

Contributed by Yara Sameh