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The Sea and Me .. By Dr. Hadi Eltonsi

Fri 31 Jan 2020 | 10:42 AM
By Dr. Hadi Eltonsi, Retired Ambassador and Medical Doctor

By Hadi Eltonsi - Former Ambassador and Medical Doctor

Since my early years, I was magnetically attracted to the sea. I sat hours on it’s beach, gazing at the waves rhythm and at the light’s reflections on their movements, enjoying the cool calming breeze, loosing my boundaries in time and space, washing away my sadness, looking forward to a time after, and satisfying my thirst to the wisdom of life.

The sea was an eternal, always available, friend and a limitless master, whose alternate stillness and mighty waves taught me that the eternity of change is a base of life, that the waves of lifetime build up to inevitably fall down ending at the death shore, letting the water back a spirit in a wave body, getting bigger to break down to death that preludes to a new life, an extreme leading to another as usual.

Is reincarnation a fact or a wishful thinking of the desperate for eternity? ..Some among us are characterized by beauty, others by tranquility, transparency or different colors. Though we are different one to another or from time to time, but the sea resembles us all, including change according to environment; wind, light or temperature, as if the sea shows a reality, that all of us humans can seem different, one to one and outside inside, but may be the variant depth stands on common basis.

Sometimes the sharks hide under warm calm attractive waters, other times the sea is cold and dark, but harmless, refreshing or activating…our curiosity drives us to explore the sea, surface and depth, even risking to loose time and safety, but the sea’s magical overwhelming ambiguity leads us, the same with mankind, hence no life nor interest in the stagnation of guarantee and no comfort in energy saving and the lassitude of escape or postergation.

Life is about experience and learning endlessly…the deep pleasure of life entails achievement and maturation, hence life is the school for mind and soul…is that why many live by the seaside?....are we ever longing to a friendly wise master, taking us away from internal life to indulge in life’s wisdom and the soul’s unity…for whatever it is embodied in man, animal or plant..all start, grow then end. Feel, produce and feed on each other.

Live in groups, but compete with rivals and extend in successive generations, confirming the life’s temporality and the energy and spirit’s eternity, according to a genius harmonical universal system that englobes the largest solar group together with the minutest atom’s component….with glittering eyes, serene soul; loving heart and deep feeling, the last that mother told before passing away was that life is sweet.

I can add that it is charming, endlessly ambiguous and comprehensive…even so we can’t be attached or indulge in the basic instincts and daily needs, otherwise we miss the total liberation and can’t enjoy others, life term, the moment intensely and the charming ambiguity without guarantee in a fundamental external and internal harmony with the self and life around…out planet of water ,wrongly called the earth, avails the sea near by most of us…do you need a caring friend?....