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Amina Al Dossari: Simple and Elegant Makeup is the Latest Beauty Trend

Tue 07 Feb 2023 | 06:02 PM
By Pasant Elzaitony

Makeup is an art form that enhances beauty and captures the vision of a person. It also takes a creative eye and imagination as every brush stroke creates something magical.

The Saudi make-up artist, Amina Al Dossari, is a plastic artist who loves colours since childhood. She obtained training certificates to become a professional makeup artist.

"SEENews" met the Saudi artist at the historic Abdeen Palace in Cairo where she was honoured as one of the pioneers of Saudi Arabia.

She began by noting Arab women have become more aware of the role that makeup plays and stopped doing heavy makeup and requested simple and elegant looks.

Amina Al DossariAmina Al Dossari

*Key to successful makeup

The Saudi artist confirms that successful makeup is the one that suits the personality and the first step to success is a well-hydrated complexion, especially under the eyes.

*No-makeup look

Many women love the no-makeup trend that is achieved by defining, enhancing, and sculpting the structure of the face as well as using earthy colours.

Bridal Makeup

Al Dossari pointed out that the bride's makeup is characterized by preparing the skin to be healthy and by applying makeup that suits the bride's personality, features, and dress without paying attention to the latest trends and only relying on classic makeup that remains classic for years.

“I see that all of them are integrated processes with each other. The personality with the dress,” she added.

*Advice for the bride

The makeup artist advised the bride-to-be who desire to do a laser peeling to undergo the treatment three weeks before the big day.

She added that the Moroccan bath should be done three days before the wedding to prevent getting pimples.

*Secrets to Perfect Lipstick

Al Dossari shared that the key to obtaining beautiful lipstick and a distinctive colour is through blending all elements.

“The secret lies in mixing lipstick shades for a distinctive and appropriate colour that blends well with the makeup,” she pointed out.

Contributed by Yara Sameh