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Majority of Israelis Support Ending War in Gaza for Prisoners Swap

Fri 01 Dec 2023 | 10:40 PM
Ahmed Moamar

A public opinion poll conducted in Tel Aviv revealed that 54 percent of Israelis support the continuation of truces with Hamas to complete prisoner exchanges, according to Maariv, a daily Israeli newspaper.

But this position does not mean that the Israelis do not support the war to liquidate Hamas because they first want to recover the prisoners held by Hamas, and then the war will be resumed.

The Israelis are also still opposed to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but at the same time, they support the army.

These results indicate that their support for completing a prisoner exchange deal first is not limited to the opposition, but is also prevalent among the ranks of the Israeli right, as well as among the voters of the Likud Party headed by Netanyahu.

About 66 percent of those polled among government opponents agreed to the continuation of the ceasefire in exchange for the release of Palestinian prisoners daily.

But 40 percent of Netanyahu’s supporters also agreed to this, while only 30 percent of his supporters opposed it.