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Maram Borhan Debuts Bridal 2023 Collection

Mon 07 Nov 2022 | 11:58 PM
By Pasant Elzaitony

The white wedding dress remains on the bride's mind as she chooses the design, embroidery, and veil for her special day.

The bride keeps brainstorming about choosing the fashion designer that can fulfill her vision of what she has been dreaming of.

Among these names, is the brilliant designer Maram Borhan, who has been emerging strongly for nearly five years.

Discover the last collection and find the perfect wedding dress.

designer Maram Borhandesigner Maram Borhan

*Romantic look

Borhan knows that the bride will be at the top of her happiness and dreams of a romantic look that combines calmness and soft details so that the dress presents a breathtaking vision to the bride, who should be keen on having the design suitable to her and express her personality.

* Fabric shaping and embroidery

Burhan presents the wedding dress as an artistic painting that she draws according to the bride, as she is good at forming with fabric and embroidery to embody a dazzling and distinctive design.

Sometimes the fabric is formed into dense ruffles on both sides of the dress or the ruffles designed on one side of the tail of the dress.

As for embroidery, it is not in quantity, but rather how it is applied to create a state of romance, richness, or modernity.

* Modest look

The designer is keen to make veiled women as elegant as any other bride.

She presented an elegant, harmonious, and elegant design that gives the bride-to-be a distinctive look.

Contributed by Yara Sameh