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Hair Stylist Heclev Hanna Shares Tips for Gorgeous Bridal Hairstyles

Thu 16 Sep 2021 | 07:12 PM
Pasant Elzaitony

The bride always pays attention to important details, both small and large, as she prepares for her wedding, including the dress, makeup, and hair.

She resorts to experts to feel that she is in safe hands such as talented hairstylist Heclev Hanna, one of the distinguished figures in the field of hair who always presented the bride with a distinctive and artistic look.

Hanna shared several tips for the brides  for a successful and distinctive hairstyle.

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*First tip

Pay attention to hair health and nourishing it by various means, whether by eating a healthy balanced diet rich in minerals and healthy fats including nuts, especially walnuts.

It is also advisable to eat avocado, which contains healthy fats, as well as use olive oil in meals to provide the body and hair with proper nutrition, especially since many brides neglect their health before the wedding.

She also needs to drink plenty of water to keep the hair and skin moisturized.

*Tip Two

Hair needs to receive external care as well as internal nourishment.

Brides to be should make hair masks approximately two months before the wedding to restore the hair to be to its youthful luster, free from split ends and fragility as well as maintain a reasonable thickness.


*Tip Three

Hair color is one of the important things for the success of the bride’s look. The color must be suitable for the skin color.

If the bride desires to change the color of her hair, then the color should be changed several days of the wedding and not be on the same day.

Hanna prefers the bride to style her hair with normal hair colors such as black, chestnut brown, and blonde, which he inserts a touch of color for toning, whether it is for a light or dark color.

He prefers to not make a drastic change in the color of her hair.

* Fourth tip

The bride should be certain of her hairdresser. It is also advisable that she shouldn’t rehearse her bridal look a few days before her big day, to come up with fresh and innovative ideas which are better than any rehearsal.

*Fifth tip

Women with slim faces have a wider opportunity to style their hair in innovative ideas such as chignon and curly hair, while chubby-faced women should wear their hair loose.

The trend is for the retro waves hairstyle, which contains distinctive elegance.

Heklav recommends the brides who wish to wear two dresses style their hair in the chignon style and style the second look in a completely different way, which will present the bride in a very distinct look on her wedding day.

Contributed by Yara Sameh