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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

That Child Inside, Op-ed

Tue 28 Apr 2020 | 10:41 AM
By Dr. Hadi Eltonsi, Retired Ambassador and Medical Doctor

We get bedazzled by the successive scientific inventions, making dreams come true one after the other, hardly we can adapt to an invention or consume a commodity applying it till we hear about another in the same sphere more or less, shortly after we believe that a dream is embodied till we see another miracle, to decrease the space of the impossible and glorify the human being; that creator without limits, a developer without stopping.

We search for a reason for the ever-increasing speed of the wheel of development in our contemporary world; is it an education that develops the critical mind and the talent of the students? Or is it the information revolution in the age of computers? is it cultures that enrich the soul and illuminate the future? Or the politics of governments and multinationals that encourage scientific research? Or simply the financial gain for inventors in the age of globalization and open markets.

It is exactly all of that, but how could some inpiduals, not their fellows in the same society, only be the inventors? Is it due to their intelligence, will power, dedication, or efforts? Is it the faith in the goal and self-confidence or the need which is the mother of invention as said? They are all motives and reasons that give the power to the owner, but it wouldn’t produce anything new without a mind that challenges the norms or inspiration that exceeds logic, which allows the factors of power and effort to lead to a scientific invention or an artistic innovation.

Who is then that owns renewing intellect and the inspiration of the sixth sense? And is that necessary a product of inherited intelligence or inpidual ingenuity? Or a product of an inpidual effort that could best use suitable surrounding circumstances? And how can an inpidual reach that state of mind characterized by creation and inspiration?

For every society there are traditions, customs, and religious social-cultural heritage that form a consensus around concepts and standards, provide a background for systems and laws, and shape a part of the value and physiological structure of the inpidual, affecting his conduct, feelings, and motivations, to be put into consideration with the logical and mental calculation to correspond to realities, to achieve the goal and allow social acceptance for the inpidual.

But if this heritage dominates the psyche of the inpidual without free convincing of its content, the result would be stagnation, alienation or internal tensions that don’t accept what is new and make the life of the inpidual an imitation of others or compulsive conformity with them for their content and acceptance.

It is a stagnation that doesn’t allow life for the child inside; that child characterized by vitality, freedom, fun, inspiration, renovation, and creativity; that works harmonically tirelessly if it is set free and is allowed the freedom and safety without fear or titular ship, to see the issues with an open mind and a conscience intellect without chains of transferred common believes, if he doesn’t accept it with a responsible confident free mind, till the work becomes an interesting play that can possess the intellect, feeling and time, resulting in bedazzling achievement, continuous renovation, psychological satisfaction, and maybe enriching the public interests and the future of coming generations.

We could be lucky with distinguished education or suitable financial political and cultural circumstances to set free our talents and motivations, to innovate and create, but the lack of some of these factors does not exempt us from responsibility to be ourselves truly and originally, with genuine renewed intellect, and harmonious balanced responsible mind exerting effective and useful effort.

It is the character that allows the inpidual a quality high-value life providing for happiness, purity, harmony, and peace, which benefits his society with fruitful work, distinguished production, peaceful civilized relations, and scientific and cultural innovations that push the society forward.

So, if we wish, each of us should start by himself. 

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