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Easy Homemade Ricotta Recipe by Riccardo Farid Mancuso

Fri 17 Mar 2023 | 10:30 PM
By Pasant Elzaitony

Cheese ... It is everyone's favorite dairy product. Recently, the prices of dairy products, especially, cheese surged. Therefore, many people started to depend on making cheese at home.

Here, Riccardo Farid Mancuso, an Egyptian expatriate, presented an easy and tasty homemade Ricotta recipe. Mancuso has a wide experience with different international dishes and their methods.

Riccardo Farid MancusoRiccardo Farid Mancuso

Ricotta is a lovely kind of cheese. It is special as it can fit sandwiches or dessert fillings.

It is also very useful for the body as it contains calcium that protects and strengthens the bones.


1 Litr of Fresh Full Cream Milk

2 Teaspoon of Salt (You can control the amount of salt you prefer)

2 Teaspoon of Lemon Salt Liquid or Half of a Citrus Lemon


Lemon Salt Liquid

You can start by preparing the lemon salt liquid. All you need to do is add a gram of lemon salt to 100 millimeters of water, and mix them together.

You can, alternatively, use the juice of half of a citrus lemon.


Warm the fresh full cream milk to 90 degrees. Then, add salt, followed by the lemon salt liquid or the lemon juice.

Mix, and leave it for an hour.

Pour the mixture into a strainer over a bowl to get rid of its liquids. You can line the strainer with cheesecloth.

Leave it in the fridge for three hours

Contributed by: Rana Atef