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Taliban Kills 3 IS Members in Raid on Kabul Building

Tue 14 Feb 2023 | 09:16 PM
By Ahmad El-Assasy

An overnight operation in Kabul, the Afghan capital, resulted in the deaths of three Islamic State group militants and the arrest of another, according to an official on Tuesday.

According to Khalil Hamraz, a Taliban-appointed spokesman for Afghanistan's general director of intelligence, the raid on a residential structure was directed at IS members who were behind previous strikes in the capital. He described the target as a significant IS hideaway in the Karti Naw neighbourhood.

The government's assertions received no immediate response from the IS.

Three IS members were killed during the operation, while one terrorist was taken into custody. The troops also grabbed weapons and military hardware, he said.

The Taliban's main adversary is the provincial branch of the Islamic State organisation, also known as the Islamic State in Khorasan Province. Since the Taliban's invasion of Afghanistan in 2021, the group has expanded its attacks there. Taliban patrols and Shia Afghans have both been targeted in the past.

Residents in the area reported hearing numerous explosions and a protracted gunfight.

Hejran Khan, a local, claimed that "this place was not known" since "people were not travelling and coming to this area often." "Folks didn't know who they were or what their plan was since the people who were there didn't show themselves or come out."

In August 2021, as American and NATO forces were preparing to leave Afghanistan following a 20-year conflict, the Taliban took control of the whole nation.