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Designer Zahran Releases Dazzling Couture Collection before 5th GFF

Wed 08 Sep 2021 | 05:53 PM
Pasant Elzaitony

Talented fashion designer, Nagwa Zahran released her new haute couture collection, titled “NZ Couture Fashion Perfection”, which she prepared specifically for the 5th El Gouna Film Festival.

The festival is scheduled to take place from October 14 to 22 at El Gouna Resort-town in the Red Sea governorate.

It is considered a stunning runway for talented fashion designers who showcase their innovative, creative, and artistic high-fashion designs.

[caption id="attachment_268830" align="aligncenter" width="1072"]Egyptian fashion designer, Nagwa Zahran Egyptian fashion designer, Nagwa Zahran[/caption]

The collection is characterized by persity, sophistication, and elegance.

Zahran featured her designs in a photo session held abroad Egypt, which she shared exclusively with “SEE”.

“I was keen to present my designs ideas that showed the beauty and femininity of women, especially since women in this period preferred sports and fitness. These designs will be featured on golden and silver screen stars,” she noted.

Zahran revealed that her residence and work are pided between Egypt and Dubai due to the circumstances of the Coronavirus.

[caption id="attachment_268829" align="aligncenter" width="908"]By Nagwa Zahran By Nagwa Zahran[/caption]

* Various occasions

The collection is perse that were presented in different lengths and various cuts that depended on the sophistication of the design and the softness of its details.

Zahran used one material for her design that was associated with feminine details and cuts.

* Fine materials

In the collection, the designer used shantung, satin, and byte fabrics, which are soft fabrics that show the beauty of women.

She also relied on fine hand embroidery in some designs, which gave it a rich look.

* Youthful colors

The collection was featured in attractive and youthful colors such as fuchsia, pink, various shades of red, olive, beige, and black.

Zahran created an innovative black piece filled with art and elegance, which she created with more than one fabric and hand embroidery design.

Contributed by Yara Sameh

[caption id="attachment_268818" align="aligncenter" width="968"]Design by NZ Design by NZ[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_268819" align="aligncenter" width="990"]Design by NZ Design by NZ[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_268820" align="aligncenter" width="889"]Design by NZ Design by NZ[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_268828" align="aligncenter" width="986"]Magic black Magic black[/caption]